An Island like no other. Magnificently rising from the sea you will be the only ones there…

Situated many miles away from the mainland no tourist boat can get here so our yacht glides gently up to the massive rock formation making you feel tiny and in awe of he natural beauty. Its just an awesome view to look up and have this wonder of nature towering over you. No beach and deep watercso the yacht can get so close it kisses the rock. Look up and be amazed…

Itinerary (Koh Patra):

Day 1. Depart morning From Langkawi (5 hours sailing) Koh Lipe overnight on anchour
Day 2. Depart Lunchtime to Koh Boulon Le (4 hours sailing) overnight on anchour
Day 4. Depart Lunchtime to Petra return Koh Boulon Le (4 hours sailing) then overnight
Day 5. Depart Lunchtime to return Langkawi (6 hours sailing)

Prices From: US$400 per person (Only US$100 per person/ day – based on Min 8 people)

Add US$800 each day and stay and extra night in Koh Boulon Le or Koh Lipe or nearby Islands.

Of course the above packages are flexible on how you spend time on the boat and the islands….

If your party has no experience at all at sailing and would like to charter to learn more, we have a number of skippers that can include tuition in a wide number of languages.

Contact us for more details.